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Alexandra Foster Church of England Section 1 Row 4  Plot 93

headstone 2

4 September 1924

Page 1

Mrs. Harold  Foster aged 22 years, died at Gosford on Friday last under pathetic circumstances.

Same edition but now on Page 11,

4 September 1924


The death occurred last Friday night of Mrs. Alexandra Lillian Foster, wife of Mr. Harold H. Foster, at Hill Street, North Gosford, following the birth of their first child. Mrs. Foster had been away from Gosford, and was on her way home when she was taken violently ill.

 The death of this lady, who was only 22  years of age, and was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Weaver, and well-known to Gosford residents, is a very sad one, and is a great blow to her husband and other relatives and friends.

The interment took place at the Church of England portion of Point Clare Cemetery on Saturday, the last rites being performed by the Rev. Thomas, of Epping, who had married Mr. and Mrs. Foster, and the Rev. A. Renwick.




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