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Arthur Renwick Church of England Section 1 Row 7 Plot 150

1 December 1927


 Widespread, sorrow was felt when the news became known of the death of Rev. Arthur Renwick, M.A, Rector  of Christ Church, Gosford. This sad event, which took place on Saturday, cast a gloom not only over Gosford, but over every part of Erina Shire, for all over the area the late Rev. Renwick was well known and highly respected.

 He had been a sufferer for years past, from heart trouble, but no matter how much he endured from this cause— and he suffered a great deal— he was always willing to assist anyone who needed his aid. Some weeks ago he was again severely attacked by his old complaint, and to the grief of a host of friends, this attack proved his last. It was thought he had passed the crisis, and general satisfaction was expressed at his apparent recovery; but on Saturday evening another seizure of the heart came upon him and the brave spirit passed from a weakened body between 6 and  7p.m.  Rev. Renwick was an inspiration to all.

The Shire Council.

Erina Shire Council meeting on Monday, Cr. Taylor made regretful reference to the death of Rev. Renwick,

who he said was not only a fine Church man’, but took a prominent part in district Associations, at which meetings his advice and remarks were always attentively listened to. Most men in his position did not take such a keen and helpful interest in public affairs, and. the district had buffered a real loss in his sad death.

The speaker moved that a letter of condolence be sent to Mrs. Renwick. Cr. Pinkstone seconded, and Dr. Paul also paid a tribute to the deceased clergyman’s worth. The motion -was carried with Councillors and others present standing with bowed heads.



I wish to express, on behalf of the Fruitgrowers of our section, my family and myself, our deep sympathy with the family of Arthur Renwick.

The loss to this community is a very great one, for- every movement that had for its purpose the benefit of the community or individual had his active sympathy, His notable speeches and good advice to the children each Empire Day will have an abiding place in the hearts of the people;

His Christianity was larger than his creed, and his charity knew no boundary fences.

He has already built the monument to his memory, and adorned it with the fine gold of honor and the jewels of kindly deeds that have shown men the better way which is practical Christianity. Personally I have lost a dear friend. — W. E. Kirkness.

Before Rev. Renwick’s last illness, Mr. Perc Parry, on behalf of the Confirmation Candidates, presented him with a smoker’s stand.

 The little ceremony took place at the Rectory, and Mr. Renwick was greatly pleased at the loving thought shown by his young friends. The junior parishioners will feel very keenly the loss of their loved and respected Rector.


8th December 1927

The Good They Have Done Lives On

Memories which come poignantly at this time are this year deepened in pathos by, the death of another fine

district man — the Rev. Arthur Renwick, whose mortal remains were laid to rest a few days ago in the quiet of Point Clare Cemetery.

Two firm friends who had labored with him for the welfare of the community in which they lived — Robert James Baker and John Roe. It is fitting that they lie side by side. Each was a worthy man, whose death came as a sad blow to many relatives and friends: and loving remembrance of each softens such sorrowing recollections as come to us on the anniversary of R. .J. Baker’s death on December 5th, 1925. 

According to a man’s true worth, so is the memory of him that remains long after the first shock of loss is as as uaged. It is two years since Robert James Baker passed from suffering to rest; and it is proof of his true man hood and the greatness of his heart that, his memory is still green with the leaders of his profession in the State, among those who lead the progress of  the district, and with the writers who carry on the business that he built, as well as in the circle that was his glory and pride — his family. 

Bob Baker has gone West — but he will long be remembered by those who valued his counsel in weighty affairs, by those who never asked in vain his help for district improvement, by those who looked up to him as an honored Chief of staff, and by his loved ones who never can forget an irreparable bereavement. The best of men must leave this life some are taken long before we would let them go. But a good man ‘s spirit never dies — it lives in the memory of those who knew him, inspiring them to honest effort as he was industrious, to fair dealing as he was just, to broad-mindedness as lie was tolerant.

Robert James Baker passed from this life on December 5th — at a typical season of his life, when his working hours were wont to be brimful of the cares of the business, and his brief hours of leisure were bright with glad plans for the happiness of others. The coming season’s thoughts are fittingly linked it with the memory of this man who gloried in the Christmas spirit of good will to men. Bob Baker, big-hearted, respected Chief, never-failing friend, devoted husband, loving father, has. gone Beyond; but his memory remains, a beacon. Well may he rest!


Reverend Renwick was one of the first to set an Honor roll up in the church and was instrumental in the dedicating and organising of the Gosford War Memorial Park. 

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  1. Gwen Dundon · March 21, 2019

    Hi there – very interesting! Just a note to tell you that the Fagan standing by the names upon a stone in the profile is not Joe Fagan – it is his brother George Lamb Fagan. I copied that photo originally from the private albums of the only descendant of Peter Fagan Sr, Keith Compton, now deceased (nothing to do with the buses Compton). Cheers, Gwen Dundon


    • Crash Graphics and Photos · March 21, 2019

      Dear Gwen, I am so pleased that you are finding this site of interest. I have corrected the Photo’s caption and thank you for the tip off. I got the photo off the web and the accompanying caption information. Should you find fault with other aspects/information on the site please let me know. I appreciate your input as you are a local Historian of great reputation within the Brisbane Water District. Thanks again.


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