Jean Thelma Appleton General lawn Section 3 Row 3 Plot 2

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Jean Thelma Appleton

28 April 1939

Cessnock Maitland recorder


.lean Appleton. 24, of Gosford. was found dead in an outhouse at her parents’ home early yesterday. She was strangled by a girdle’ knotted round her neck.

Miss Appleton, who was holidaying with her parents, had been in ill-health for some time. She recently suffered from a nervous breakdown.

At the inquest yesterday afternoon a verdict of suicide during acute mental depression was returned.

Sad Happening at Scone A particularly sad case of despondency and nervous breakdown was revealed yesterday morning when Jean Appleton, aged twenty-four, a visitor to Scone, was found dead at White Park with the cord of her dressing gown tied tightly round her neck.

The deceased, who was a particular y fine a picture of Australian womanhood, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Appleton, of Gosford.

Mr. Appleton has recently been employed upon the construction of the treatment works at Scone.

We learn that the deceased girl had been in bad health for a considerable time, and was brought to Scone by her mother on Monday last for a change, following  two weeks in hospital at Warrawee, on the North Shore line.

She was last seen alive on Wednesday night when the family retired for the night at the Golden Fleece Hotel, where they were staying, at about 10 p.m. On looking into her bedroom as he was starting out to work yesterday morning her father noticed that the bed had not been slept in. He went down stairs to the street and was informed him of the tragedy.

The District Coroner, Mr. W. T. Seaward, held an inquest yesterday afternoon, when evidence was given by Mr. Harold Burns and Constable Andrews concerning the finding of the body.

The girl’s father gave evidence as to the length of time the deceased had been ill, and how this had preyed upon her mind as she was unable to do any work, and felt that she was a burden upon her parents. A fare well letter from the deceased to her family, which was found in her bed room, was couched in loving terms, but stated that she could no longer sustain the burden of life, and she was feeling happy at the last.

The Coroner returned a verdict that the deceased died from suffocation wilfully caused by strangling herself with a cord of her dressing gown whilst in a state of severe depression and extreme mental distress, due to her being run down by overstrain.

Much sympathy is felt for the parents and family of the unfortunate girl in the tragic occurrence.

The body was taken to Gosford this morning for burial.

headstone jean

Her  Grandfather is in an adjacent grave with an ornately carved stone, the inscription says,

James Appleton

Beloved husband of Mary Anne

“Cabo” Bertha Rd Cremorne

Who passed away in his sleep

October 4th 1923

At Gosford aged 73 years.



Randel William Dumbrell and Family Methodist Section 1 Row 4 Plot 18

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Stonework and the name Dumbrell have been associated in Australia since Arthur Phillip’ times. Randel Dumbrell was a fifth generation mason and had trained his only child, Raymond in the trade.

BANK maitland

Randel worked for his father Stephen Dumbrell on a number of buildings in the upper hunter and Newcastle areas. He was the clerk of works on St Mary’y Church in Maitland in 1890. His handy work as a monumental mason is also present in Sandgate Cemetery. His workmanship is present on some of the earliest graves in this cemetery.

st marys maitland

Dumbrell’s workshop was in Erina Street Gosford and he worked closely with Maynard Wright the quarry master at Gosford Quarries.

Examples of his work around Gosford include the stone work at Burns park near the railway station and the stone wall at the far end of Mann Street (up near the War Memorial site) that was once the residence of Dr Fielder.


After the death of his son Raymond in a shooting accident and then coupled with the loss of his good friend Maynard Wright (heart attack), he was subsumed with grief and turned to drink.

This family grave looks finished but for the grave of a master mason you know it was a work in progress that is incomplete. There are no headstones for any of the family members contained in here Raymond (1936), Randel (1945) and Maybel his wife (1954) and the family business had been drunken away.


10 April 1934

Unreturned Licenses

For failing to return his certificate Of registration and number plate, Raymond C. Dumbrell was fined 10/, with 5/6 costs, at Gosford Court last Friday.


Sydney Morning herald

29 January 1936


Companion’s Long Run for Aid.

GOSFORD, Tuesday.

Raymond Clyde Dumbrell, 31 of Mann-street, Gosford, was found in a pile of rocks In open country near Gloucester on Sunday, with a shotgun wound In his right leg, and he died In hospital yesterday morning.

A shotgun was found nearby.

Dumbrell, In company with Ernest Stephenson, Patrick Waters, and John Poster, of Gosford, and Roy Pile, of Stratford, was spending the week-end on a shooting trip in the bush near Gloucester. He had separated from the party earlier in the day, and when found he was bleeding in an alarming manner from the wound In his leg.

Efforts were made to stop the flow of blood, and Stephenson was sent for help. He ran seven miles through the bush to Patrick Keegan’s camp, and drove in Keegan’s car to Gloucester.

A doctor was picked up and conveyed back to the scene of the accident. Dumbrell was then taken to a hospital in Gloucester, where he died at 2 o’clock next morning. He leaves a wife and four children.

From the position of the gun found near the Injured man, it is believed that he had shot at something, and, In going forward a few steps, stumbled on a rock, the gun falling butt foremost on another rock and striking the hammer against the unexploded cartridge.


Family Notices

17 May 1949

DUMBRELL.— In loving memory of Randel William, who passed away, May 16, 1945.

In silence we remember.

Inserted by his wife.

name plaque

27 January 1950


— In loving memory of my dear son, Raymond Clyde, accidentally killed January 27,



16 May 1950

DUMBRELL— Treasured memories of my dear husband, Randel William, who passed away May 16, 1945.

Always remembered by his wife.


6 October 1954



Mrs. Mabel Ella Dumbrell, of Gosford, died in Newcastle on October 2 at the age of 75 years. The funeral left Mr. R. H. Creighton’s private chapel on Tuesday. proceeding to Point Clare Cemetery.

Mrs. Durabrell is the widow of the late Mr R. W. Dumbrell, formerly a monumental mason of Gosford.